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You want to learn German and enjoy the full flexibility of online learning? Learn German at home or at work, exactly where it is most convenient for you and enjoy the variety of learning activities that online learning offers: partner work, group work, individual work, discussions on current topics, language projects and games, use of digital media (videos, audio files, digital whiteboard, etc.) and much more! Speaking and everyday communication play a central role in my classes. You will see that learning with me is really fun and does not differ from a face-to-face course in any way! My mission is just to fill others with my enthusiasm for languages or as I call it - langthusiasm /læŋ'θuːziæzəm/.

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Individual German courses online

Private lessons for 1 to 4 participants with flexible hour packages
Available levels: A1.1 - C1.2

German courses online for companies

Learn German with your colleagues
before or after work
Available levels: A1.1 - C1.2